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These two right here boy I tell ya! They mean so much to me words can’t explain! They are my everything and more! I miss and love them so much! I am so happy in the women they are becoming and I couldn’t ask for more. Kara, the mother of my handsome nephew, you are so strong and goal oriented that I look up to lol and I’m the big brother haha. You are awesome and I’m so happy I am your brother! Butter, the mother of my yet to be born niece or nephew (which ever one I’m happy with both lol) you are so wonderful and I am happy you are handling things on your own. I’m grateful for you everyday and I can’t wait until April for my niece or nephew to come into this world of ours.. You are both beautiful and have a bright future ahead! 💋 Happy Early Birthday to both of y’all!

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